Cats vs Funny Zombie! | Kittisaurus

2020. 10. 31.
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Today, I dressed up as a zombie to surprise my cats!

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  • What breed is Lulu?

    EashanEashan17 일 전
  • TT : mama! She stil loves his mother even though her mother is a zombie

    nangkalan rayanangkalan raya개월 전
  • Yeah, most days I wake up looking just like a freakin’ zombie. Bravo on the VFX and the army of the dead zombie cats.

    Jon LavaJon Lava2 개월 전
  • In poland???(ktoś jest z polski???)

    Imie NazwiskoImie Nazwisko2 개월 전
  • 크집사님은 연기도 잘하시네요.^^

    김하늘김하늘2 개월 전
  • 02:25 HAHAHA!! ChuChu's funny Moment.

    NicoNico2 개월 전
  • 집사님 너무하시네요. 루루 넘 귀엽게 나옴♥

    신애명신애명2 개월 전
  • I like cats so much ❣️👍

    The world of the universe عالم الفضاء الصغيرThe world of the universe عالم الفضاء الصغير2 개월 전
  • 0:50 me when I here a bag of chips open

    Player_Player_3 개월 전
  • how do you keep the carpet so clean ? hahaha!

    Dean SimonDean Simon3 개월 전
  • 1:40 lulu touching 🩸 blood HE IS INFECTED TOO

    Shannon ElliottShannon Elliott3 개월 전
  • Your videos are boring as always

    Mahesh RathodMahesh Rathod3 개월 전
  • Coco:my grandma tt:my baby cousin lulu:me dd:my uncle

    Jackson KkkkJackson Kkkk3 개월 전
  • Lip gloss and I have to send you

    Sana AmerSana Amer3 개월 전
  • 하이 클레어

    Nihayah NayaNihayah Naya3 개월 전
  • Lulu doesn’t care about zombie claire as long as he gets food. 😂

    MC FilwriterMC Filwriter3 개월 전
  • LuLu will love everyone and everything, as long as you give food.

    KarriganKarrigan3 개월 전
  • video text: Portuguese Video: English Hotel: Trivago

    FeFi_JRFeFi_JR3 개월 전
  • Your cats are so cute 😘😍

    Soniya JainSoniya Jain3 개월 전
  • All cats want to eat it🤣

    Amazing Stormer AmoghAmazing Stormer Amogh4 개월 전
  • The intestine lol

    Amazing Stormer AmoghAmazing Stormer Amogh4 개월 전
  • Her cat: cute AF My cat: ugly af

    NichoExtreme 12NichoExtreme 124 개월 전
  • Oh

    Purpur Real fanPurpur Real fan4 개월 전
  • 1:53 라라 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 도도는 매달렸는데 라라는 다리가 짧아요 ㅋㅋㅋ ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    bbb aabbb aa4 개월 전
  • Dodo: (All mine) lol

    Hidayah MusaHidayah Musa5 개월 전
  • Claire has a strong halloween game

    Scottie PippoScottie Pippo5 개월 전
  • lulu vs momo Who wins?

    victorBRgamer13victorBRgamer135 개월 전
  • So cute

    Tricia Mei LopezTricia Mei Lopez5 개월 전
  • Claire:Becomes a zombie The cats: *Tf she doing-*

    Daily OkDaily Ok5 개월 전
  • anyone who gave this a thumbs down r crazy

    Bayou ArdainiBayou Ardaini5 개월 전
  • lala mala

    Verónica SerranoVerónica Serrano5 개월 전
  • lulu castigado

    Verónica SerranoVerónica Serrano5 개월 전
  • asesino lulu asi llamare a lulu por matar a Clarie

    Verónica SerranoVerónica Serrano5 개월 전
  • Nothing can’t stop Lulu to take his snacks. Not even the Apocalipsis.

    JPinJPin5 개월 전
  • Who else just got this in their recommend one day and then got completely addicted.

    Oumycat TreeOumycat Tree5 개월 전
  • Who else just got this in their recommend one day and then got completely addicted.

    Oumycat TreeOumycat Tree5 개월 전
  • LULU 😀😀😀😀

  • I love how lulu just sits in a bowl like:this is fine

    joseph ehoffjoseph ehoff5 개월 전
  • I just subscribed

    Allison McMullenAllison McMullen5 개월 전
  • Iloveyou claire

    Michael LimMichael Lim5 개월 전
  • You forgot that you are a zombie. 1:34 😂

    AkhilAkhil5 개월 전
  • O lulu é muito comelao

    Diario da Mariana LimaDiario da Mariana Lima5 개월 전
  • on the 31st a bit late but was like the nun

    Kyle_254Kyle_2546 개월 전
  • 姐姐?您为啥就不能露脸呢!您一定很好看,我猜。

    kuanheng wangkuanheng wang6 개월 전
  • When you were a zombie I don’t think it’s a good idea to put a snack next to lulu because Lulu won’t stop eating UnU

    Kevin LonhKevin Lonh6 개월 전
  • Some cats eat there owners after they die. I am pretty sure Lulu will start eating her if she is spleeping a little bit longer than usual.

    Larz KruberLarz Kruber6 개월 전
  • Don't play with your food

    William AftonWilliam Afton6 개월 전
  • I thought she faced reaveal

    Tya & AqifTya & Aqif6 개월 전
  • Who loves lulu like now

    Khushi 's vlogsKhushi 's vlogs6 개월 전
  • I think I heard the music at the beginning from Club Penguin

    AvocadoAvocado6 개월 전
  • LuLu acts more like a dog than a cat lol

    gdlywomgdlywom6 개월 전
  • Which type of breed is white cats (lala and other white cats) plzz tell me. Iam planning to buy that type of cats 😍😍😍😍 by the way iam a new subscriber 🥰 plzzz answer😣😞😭🙏👐

    Shazam DcShazam Dc6 개월 전
  • How about creamheroes ???

    bchuubchuu6 개월 전
  • 루루에오

    이지훈 (삼국연정)이지훈 (삼국연정)6 개월 전
  • Still confused between coco and lala

    Jaya SenguptaJaya Sengupta6 개월 전
  • This is fun

    Scottie PippoScottie Pippo6 개월 전
  • hi nama saya nur atihirah nabila

    Kerja HariKerja Hari6 개월 전
  • Zombie claire be like: Hey !! Don't eat my intestine!!! 😂😂😂😂

    Mother and daughter's Assamese kitchenMother and daughter's Assamese kitchen6 개월 전
  • I want to see clair clearly

    Donut' SDonut' S6 개월 전
  • the zombie humor is little too far for westerners

    draqon ofwhitestarsdraqon ofwhitestars6 개월 전
  • LuLu: *Meow* - 2020 LuLu

    - ySilvër ;- ySilvër ;6 개월 전
  • Where is Nana? Now her kitties are grown up, I can't recognize Nana from Toto and Dodo. Hahaha... They got their genes from their Mommy. 🐈🐈🐈💖

    Anne Magz (A_Star)Anne Magz (A_Star)6 개월 전
  • Hahahahaha

  • Coco: A test subject TT: MOMMY!! Lulu: Snacks! DD: . . . Meh!

    Patti MortonPatti Morton6 개월 전
  • And coco also all are so cute 😍😘🤭💓

    IQRA KHAN Brilliant Brushes.IQRA KHAN Brilliant Brushes.6 개월 전
  • I luv lulu and chuchu

    IQRA KHAN Brilliant Brushes.IQRA KHAN Brilliant Brushes.6 개월 전
  • 0:13 please, stop asking for my SOUL.

    Bappaditya NathBappaditya Nath6 개월 전
  • 989

    derpyjrs testerderpyjrs tester7 개월 전
    • pokioiiiii1iosoodisisis

      derpyjrs testerderpyjrs tester7 개월 전
  • Cat: that felt good Zombie:IM COMING *zombie:to clean your poo*

    Strawberry DeerStrawberry Deer7 개월 전
  • Is the claire the zombie or cat the zombie

    Moonligth KMoonligth K7 개월 전
  • Thank you 🙏 for the laughs, entertainment and Love you show to us thru these Divinely Cute 🥰 videos. God Bless you and the Kitties with even more Love, wealth and Happiness❤️

    Poornima KPoornima K7 개월 전
  • Russian name and comments English

    The PlayVIPThe PlayVIP7 개월 전
  • I love lulu!

    BananifyBananify7 개월 전
  • LuLu look so cute❤️

    Isnat PapriIsnat Papri7 개월 전
  • Lulu♡♡

    Elizabeth Rodriguez RamirezElizabeth Rodriguez Ramirez7 개월 전
  • How big the babies are!! :O

    acnlelisacnlelis7 개월 전
  • Claire vacuum the house and chuchu say you're making it worse!

    Kenny YnnekKenny Ynnek7 개월 전
  • Whenever there's food there's Lulu

    rlla 1234rlla 12347 개월 전
  • Claire:I'm coming to clean your poo 😂😂

    Rani YuliaRani Yulia7 개월 전
  • Me and my cat Ripley love watching every video you upload!!

    Alice MurphyAlice Murphy7 개월 전
  • 좀비가... 고양이한테 사냥당하고 있어......?

    khbst kkhbst k7 개월 전
  • This woman is something else!

    John merrickJohn merrick7 개월 전
  • Хозяин идиот

    lutsenko36lutsenko367 개월 전
  • Dodo is a very clever kitty. Running off with the sausage 🐈

    Zoom ZoomZoom Zoom7 개월 전
  • Claire: (Proper Zombie Shuffle) Coco: A Proper Test Subject! TT: Mommy! Lulu: Snacks! DD: Meh... XD

    Maire WatkinsMaire Watkins7 개월 전
  • She is Lucky that she doesnt taste good, otherwise lulu would have eaten her for midnightsnack.

    Sidahom LobarSidahom Lobar7 개월 전
  • Banyak bener channelnya Min 😂 Creamheroes Kittisaurus

  • 1:48 Kung Fu Lulu

    Jasmine LeeJasmine Lee7 개월 전
  • I am no longer worried that there will be zombie apocalypse, as Lulu will eat the zombies

    Mimi KrastevaMimi Krasteva7 개월 전
  • LaLa is so cute

    Shivani RajvanshShivani Rajvansh7 개월 전
  • Why lulu so obsessed with food?

    Ainur FariskiAinur Fariski7 개월 전
  • Rasanya pengen bermain dengan kucing itu English: I feel like playing with that cat

    Zainal YahyaZainal Yahya7 개월 전
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣😘😘😘

    Svetik SvetikSvetik Svetik7 개월 전
  • Where is Nana???

    bushra basharbushra bashar7 개월 전
  • That was awesome!!!

    voronOspherevoronOsphere7 개월 전
  • Lulu is hungry sosis(lulu yu yemek istiyorum çok şirin

    Meral GüvenMeral Güven7 개월 전
  • I laughed a lot :D

    animals worldanimals world7 개월 전
  • Uhh Lulu! You're Sloven 😍 And Claire... You're the Best!

    Ebru AYKANEbru AYKAN7 개월 전
  • Love you all cute kittens 🐱

    Laiba KhanLaiba Khan7 개월 전
  • Claire, you're hilarious. And I love you 💗 I laughed so hard my goodness.

    Isabel AuresIsabel Aures7 개월 전