My Kittens Tried to Milk LuLu! | Kittisaurus

2021. 01. 20.
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Today, NaNa decided to take a break from her kids!
Don’t worry, though, they’ll always be a family!

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  • inside lulu stomach

    Ahmad sabriAhmad sabri일 전
  • lulu is boy so lulu no have some milk

    Ahmad sabriAhmad sabri일 전
  • umm...

    Ahmad sabriAhmad sabri일 전
  • Lulu nya pasrah owkwowkwok

    Alif RamadhanAlif Ramadhan2 일 전
  • *The tree cats stands lays at lulu* Lulu:get off me nega T-T

    gina noblezagina nobleza6 일 전
  • Lulu: I SAID I DRINK MILK. NOT GIVE MILK. Toto: ........ I don’t understand the difference.

    Marcon Cat FamilyMarcon Cat Family11 일 전
  • What lulu got mik

    tien duc nguyentien duc nguyen11 일 전
  • Love cats xoxo

    Augusto ZucchiniAugusto Zucchini13 일 전
  • Einmal Mama immer Mama für das ganze Leben

    Manuel LückManuel Lück15 일 전
  • NaNa. The Milk bar is closed.

    Christina BormannChristina Bormann15 일 전
  • When they're cuddled up...uwu

    Kim RealmeKim Realme15 일 전
  • Lulu is the favourite sofa for NaNa's family.

    Pяคtєєк ĐPяคtєєк Đ15 일 전
  • Their gonna get a different type of milk 😂

    Shinigami117 SShinigami117 S16 일 전
  • Uh the “kittens” are the same size as they momma so they are a little to old for milk 🥛.

    ET MET M16 일 전
  • 4:42 so cute

    Numberblocksxcreamheroes345Numberblocksxcreamheroes34518 일 전
  • the kittens grew so much!

    idsjfihsdfhdshfidsjfihsdfhdshf20 일 전
  • Nana and her kids love Lulu !

    Time with A. STime with A. S24 일 전
  • So glad to see the kitties love Lulu. They sure do love him. Such a beautiful boy.

    KyAnnZorainKyAnnZorain25 일 전
  • What the Cats teach Dodo and Toto : Lulu : Stealing TT : Fighting / Self Defence Coco : Intellegence Nana : Normal kids DD : Great kids Lala : MYAH Chuchu : CHU Momo : STAMINAAAAAA

    DaennardvitarDaennardvitar28 일 전
  • Everybody loves LuLu!

    Sophie W.Sophie W.28 일 전
  • 😂😂😂😂😂 Dodo toto

    Rolin SetiawanRolin Setiawan29 일 전
  • Who is toto and dodo father? Is it lulu?

    ZeevaLynx'sZeevaLynx's개월 전
    • No. Claire adopted NaNa ToTo and DoDo. It's impossible to know who's the father but it's not LuLu because he has been neutered.

      Scottie PippoScottie Pippo25 일 전
  • You kittens are ugly but others are cute like lulu lala chuchu momo

    zeab afzalzeab afzal개월 전
    • Very rude and also false. They are adorable

      Scottie PippoScottie Pippo25 일 전
  • is Nana in love with Lulu?

    Sleepy Eye Brewing CompanySleepy Eye Brewing Company개월 전
  • Dat LuLu sandwich xD

    SteamController PlayerSteamController Player개월 전
  • this is so... 🥺

    Zy SnsnZy Snsn개월 전
  • Ruru is my favorite kitty 😺

    Leopold de VandersnatchLeopold de Vandersnatch개월 전
  • Unfortunately that feature is not available.😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂

    rj007 jrj007 j개월 전
  • You think Lulu a mama

    Sheela JohnSheela John개월 전
  • I have two sister cats (one year old) and one often tries to drink from her sister

    Red CamelotRed Camelot개월 전
  • Lulu does look like a nice pillow lol.

    Pure DemonPure Demon개월 전
  • Lol XD

    Rongyiyi QiRongyiyi Qi개월 전
  • Dodo ,Toto,dan Nana sangat dekat dengan Lulu

    Via BontetVia Bontet개월 전
  • How father of dodo and toto ??

    Nelida SawitNelida Sawit개월 전
  • Big brother Lulu my boss

    iqcfemiqcfem개월 전
  • 너무 사랑스러워~~~~🥰

    이즈이즈개월 전
  • I always love Lulu hahaha

    Mukti Founder of AD Games & SoftworksMukti Founder of AD Games & Softworks개월 전
  • too many cat

    e eee ee개월 전
  • Not being mean in saying this, do you guys notice that Toto and Dodo compared to the other male cats have bigger private parts. Don't know how else to say it without saying it, lol. My last cat was like that and I remember my Vet mentioning it once.

    Starlette OscarStarlette Oscar개월 전
    • Toto and Dodo weren't neutered yet in this video. Claire had them neutered later than usual because they were sickly as kittens (FIP) and she thought the surgery would be too much stress on them.

      Commenter839Commenter839개월 전
  • ToTo: 'Wake up LuLu!" LuLu: "Go away! I have six more hours before food comes again!"

    sistakia33sistakia33개월 전
  • 2:57 LOL HAHAHA 3:39 LuLu¿

    PaxiePaxie개월 전
  • Where is Tom ? Claires Cats Claire make you the Videos you can that better.🐱👍 Is a sweet Cat Video little Cats will Drink from Lulu.🐱👍

    Einhorn WeltEinhorn Welt개월 전
  • Why is so many people hate cat

  • Ha ha ha!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    Christos ChristoforidisChristos Christoforidis개월 전
  • W wait, The owner of cats speaks korea language (?), the whole video is in english and the at last caption for this video is in bahasa indonesia Wow impressive 👏😂

    Adil Nisa FadilahAdil Nisa Fadilah개월 전
    • Aslinya orang korea kok yang punya, tapi kam emng ada penerjemah nya sendiri

      Nurul MaulidaNurul Maulida25 일 전
    • Claire orang korea, kalo gak salah yang translate Bhs indonesia, orang Indonesia yang tinggal di korea, pernah nongol di video Cream Heroes ama anaknya

      Fly TippingFly Tipping개월 전
  • I amazed to see Lulu sleeping peacefully between 3 kittens

    emma pk2020emma pk2020개월 전
  • They'd better not try to do that to TT

    Scottie PippoScottie Pippo개월 전
  • I cant differentiatie btwn toto dodo but wait Nana looks the same

    cynthia lyallcynthia lyall개월 전
    • Dodo has a large white, almost triangular white patch on his forehead above his right eye, while Toto's whole forehead is orange. Dodo also has an orange patch on the back of one of his hind legs. Toto's hind legs are completely white. As for behavior, Dodo is a lot wilder, he meows a LOT more, and he kinda like Lulu when it comes to food. Toto is quieter and more polite, he doesn't slap other cats and when he does hit something it'll be after several moments of contemplation.

      Commenter839Commenter839개월 전
  • 루랑이 ♡♡♡♡♡

    바카요비바카요비개월 전
  • Lulu is my good morning n good night n also good day ... 😍😍😍

    Sonali's worldSonali's world개월 전
  • 형님 쭈쭈주십시오 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ🤣🤣🤣🤣

    먐먓먐먓개월 전
  • muther,muther i crave vilance

    Lilliana LemieuxLilliana Lemieux개월 전
  • Introducing Pirate Captain Lulu, Pirates DoDo and ToTo and LuLu's wench Nana

    dustin windesdustin windes개월 전
  • Cats are always so sweet🤧💗

    Joanna_YoonJoanna_Yoon개월 전
  • Cats are always so sweet🤧💗

    Joanna_YoonJoanna_Yoon개월 전
  • Is lulu a girl or boy

    Hawabi AgaHawabi Aga개월 전
    • Boy

      BJ UgandaBJ Uganda개월 전
  • I saw, Lulu need sooo much Love.

    Christina BormannChristina Bormann개월 전
  • 🥰🥰🥰🥰❤❤❤

    kedi terapikedi terapi개월 전
  • So cute lulu ilove you

    Md AmerMd Amer개월 전

    BigToTheBangToTheBangTanBigToTheBangToTheBangTan개월 전
  • Lulu😂😂🤣🤭

    ÁƊᴇꜱʜÁƊᴇꜱʜ2 개월 전
  • I love Lulu he’s got the cutest little mouth and eyes 😸😸

    Omnipotent GamingOmnipotent Gaming2 개월 전
  • i want my own lulu so bad

    Old Arse GamingOld Arse Gaming2 개월 전
  • What I find even weirder is that Lulu is a boy, yet the kittens tried to get milk outta him. 🤔

    Rana RelianaeRana Relianae2 개월 전
  • Lulu also a boy so lol

    Tvtvt FanTvtvt Fan2 개월 전
  • So cute the mother and 2kids

    Lyn CruzLyn Cruz2 개월 전
  • No voiceover!!! Pls no

    MaiaMaia2 개월 전
  • aw a comfy family gathering with lulu in the middle😄

    arilovegoodarilovegood2 개월 전
  • That so wired

    Mia ChapmanMia Chapman2 개월 전
  • 루루:엄마 된썰 풀어오

    범준_왕자님범준_왕자님2 개월 전
  • Hallo Claire. I come from Germany. We Love animals and cats. Show "this is Germany". Love From Germany. I have many cats.

    Christina BormannChristina Bormann2 개월 전
  • 3:45

    Moon – ChannMoon – Chann2 개월 전
  • Awe!!!

    Holly BrookeHolly Brooke2 개월 전
  • 💜

    Camelia TurdaCamelia Turda2 개월 전
  • Lulu Is the most valuable thing on the earth oAo

    Saidur SRSaidur SR2 개월 전
  • Lulu is very funny when between a mother and her child❤😘

    Mimi SamolaMimi Samola2 개월 전
  • 1:25😍

    我姓曾我姓曾2 개월 전
  • My cats do the same 😂

    Sfabariah HusinSfabariah Husin2 개월 전
  • 😂😻😽

    Tedjo MoelyonoTedjo Moelyono2 개월 전
  • best supporting actor goes to 3:49

    cool whipcool whip2 개월 전
  • Lulu😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Oky RancidOky Rancid2 개월 전
  • Lulu is a female cat???? 🤔

    Miftahul ZannatMiftahul Zannat2 개월 전
    • Lulu is male

      Ema CuEma Cu2 개월 전
  • I really enjoyed the Videos more in the past, it was more authentic than this voice.. making me kinda aggressive while listing

    Andi W.Andi W.2 개월 전
  • That's a dude, dude.

    Amazing Spider-ChadAmazing Spider-Chad2 개월 전
  • kinda feel bad for Lulu coz he's too cute 😍 and the center of everything 🤗

    Bamuzu KitajiroBamuzu Kitajiro2 개월 전
  • Oh who's that narrator? First time hear him

    Mocha JYPNationMocha JYPNation2 개월 전
  • I have a question, lulu is a boy or a girl? question from russia

    Игорь ЯкобсонИгорь Якобсон2 개월 전
    • Lulu is a boy

      Ema CuEma Cu2 개월 전
  • They look so beautiful sleeping together

    Valeria.Valeria.2 개월 전
  • Is Lulu a female cat? ; - ;

    Antony ROACH (an7ony RULES)Antony ROACH (an7ony RULES)2 개월 전
  • 😂❤

    Sufia MolySufia Moly2 개월 전
  • Английский голос такой классный тут

    LinaInverscoolLinaInverscool2 개월 전
  • lulu is a girl or boys?

    sri yenisri yeni2 개월 전
    • Boy

      Johnny!Johnny!2 개월 전
  • 😃🎉😃😃🎉👋🎉🎉😃👋👋🎉😃😃🎉😃👋👋🎉👋👋🎉😃🎉👋🎉😃👋👋🎉👋👋🎉💚🧡💜💜🧡💚💚🧡💛🧡💜🧡💜🧡💜🧡💜💜🧡💜🧡💜🧡💜💜🧡💜💜🧡💙💙🧡💙🧡💙💙🧡💙💘💘🧡💘💛🧡💚🧡💜🧡💜💜🧡💚🧡💚💜🧡💜🧡💜💜💜🧡

    Iram. CoronadoIram. Coronado2 개월 전
  • 💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💛💜💛💜💛💛💜🧡🧡❤💙❤💙💙💚💚❤🧡🧡🧡❤💙💜💙💛💘❤💘❤💘❤💘💛💛💚💛🧡💜💙💙💜💙❤💙💜💙💙💙💙💜🧡💜🧡💙💜💙❤💙💙💚💜💙💙💜💙💜❤💙🧡❤🧡🧡❤🧡❤🧡🧡❤

    Iram. CoronadoIram. Coronado2 개월 전
  • They become of the same size of their mothers

    Hajar ALSHOUFIHajar ALSHOUFI3 개월 전
  • Lulu is definitely my fave hahahah

    ReinDropppReinDroppp3 개월 전
  • What's the Lulu's breed?

    Nandinzul AltansukhNandinzul Altansukh3 개월 전
  • And I love claire

    Julia TarabiehJulia Tarabieh3 개월 전
  • Love you

    Julia TarabiehJulia Tarabieh3 개월 전
  • ❤💚💛🌹

    Julia TarabiehJulia Tarabieh3 개월 전