To Run Or Not To Run, That Is The Question! | Kittisaurus Villains

2021. 06. 03.
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A snack-stealing vacuum-cleaning monster appeared!

Having regained his old powers (and picked up some new ones, too), LuLu the Cat is back to his usual tricks with his friends DoDo and DD, as well as the mysterious Master MoMo.Everything is back to normal… or is it? Not according to Professor CoCo, the most scientific cat in the world! Professor CoCo’s discovered a secret that might change the world, and it’s up to LuLu and his friends to make things right!

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  • Lulu is so cute 😍

    MJ At ThoyMJ At Thoy일 전
  • Oh I'm so sad every time I hear DD's voice 😒 He's one of the cleverest cat of all and he sounds like he's not smart at all( But all the other cats are pretty good though

    IceofflowerIceofflower일 전
  • Where’s Toto and nana?

    Isabel PangIsabel Pang2 일 전
  • Mr. Square.

    Dee ScarletDee Scarlet2 일 전
  • Who is that if DoDo there who is he

    64 - Anang Subhan Efendi64 - Anang Subhan Efendi2 일 전
  • 4:44 - Lulu: You we're pretty good yourself Dodo: What do you mean, i was hiding? Coco: Could it be? Its worst than i thought! Lulu: Huh? Then... who was the cat i was with? Thats so scary, it looks like Dodo, but its not him...

    Ethan Rhuel Ibasco ResurreccionEthan Rhuel Ibasco Resurreccion3 일 전
  • я люблю эту озвучку ток из-за 1го фактора, когда Диди озвучивает ржать охота 😀🤣🤣🤣

    Илья ПлехановИлья Плеханов3 일 전
  • Dont you still have toto and the mom

    allyV8niaallyV8nia3 일 전
  • I think that brave cat is toto

    Kama Arrumi JoseKama Arrumi Jose3 일 전
  • I just love this so much, and so well done too! I hope it becomes a series or a movie, something with a continuing storyline/theme!

    Brando CalrisianBrando Calrisian4 일 전
  • DD is as usual lazy, even running away 😂

    Kristian MathiesenKristian Mathiesen4 일 전
    • DD can't help

      C HC H2 시간 전
  • I love it awesome kitty cats in their snacks I love it ❤️🐈❤️

    Scott PoolScott Pool4 일 전
  • I love how you have evolved your videos into this wonderful “cat sitcom”…I love it!!! I also know that you love doing it…It gives us all an inspiration to have fun with our cats, or our significant others…Thank u Claire!!!

    CanDandyCanDandy4 일 전
  • When one of the cats got scared you scared me😹😂🤣😆😁

    Bun CakesBun Cakes5 일 전
  • Лулу я просто обожаю!

    Mila TihaMila Tiha5 일 전
  • He's not a dodo, He's a toto!!! 😨😨

    Kartini TiniKartini Tini5 일 전
  • Hanah so cute

    Buble TeaBuble Tea6 일 전
  • Lulu♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Drawing memoirsDrawing memoirs6 일 전
  • We bought one of those, brought it home, turned it on, it scanned the room, went out the door, And Never Came Back! 😱 Technology, BAH! 🤣😝😹

    John BakerJohn Baker6 일 전
  • 점점 호러가 되어가는 크월드 스토리! ;ㅂ; 꺄아아아

    연우연우6 일 전
  • Очень классно! Сюжет набирает обороты, но я что то не вижу Нану и Тото, если кто знает можете сказать

    Nikiktor 008Nikiktor 0086 일 전
  • Lala : Mya? Lala so cute 😍

    Hawra FatmaHawra Fatma6 일 전
  • Lulu : the monster is round, so. We need a round cat! 😍😂😁

    Hawra FatmaHawra Fatma6 일 전
  • Momo : i'm a heart 😁

    Hawra FatmaHawra Fatma6 일 전
  • Hey Claire! Did you know thumbnail for lulu has become a meme?

    Snoopy SnoopySnoopy Snoopy7 일 전
  • 0:12 Oh My God...., He Ate Paper

    LightGamer2LightGamer27 일 전
  • I love how Dodo calling Lulu, Boss. And together, they are always hatching some plan for food 😆🤣

    belledandyangelbelledandyangel7 일 전
  • You definitely need to do a collab with munchkin btw I am a fan of all of your amazing cats

    Pika FoxPika Fox7 일 전
  • Coco:what come first the cat or the egg

    yugoyugo7 일 전
  • 0:59 attention governement of creamtown as issued to a amergency snack alert system

    yugoyugo7 일 전
  • Think lulu think should be a meme

    sunsvilissunsvilis7 일 전
  • 4:30 Lulu was scared, who was it that is defeating and dodo says it does not seem that toto is what he was fighting

    Zairev Collas FigueroaZairev Collas Figueroa8 일 전
  • Lulu: It was a success. dodo: very good brother but I was hidden. Lulu: who was it that hit the monster uhhhhh. toto: I was the hiding cat

    Zairev Collas FigueroaZairev Collas Figueroa8 일 전
  • dodo boss is lulu

    sultansultan8 일 전
  • Wow lulu and Dodo best t3am ever!!!!

  • 루루 귀요미-!💕

    루루루루8 일 전
  • 4:33 😧

    join the gamejoin the game9 일 전
  • LuLu: food lover Coco: Extremly smart DD: DD NOT ROUND DD SQUARE

    •Pink_Noodle••Pink_Noodle•9 일 전
  • I'm sorry for asking this but cream heroes channel still update? If I'm not wrong the channel have been took away from u right? I'm sorry I'm still confuse 😭

    unvirtual characterunvirtual character9 일 전
    • @Aniel chall ikr but they keep reposting Claire's videos 😭

      unvirtual characterunvirtual character7 일 전
    • That channel is no longer hers sadly

      Aniel challAniel chall7 일 전
  • I think it was Dodo's brother, Toto... They are twins after all (I think)...

    Bethany Rose RubrightBethany Rose Rubright9 일 전
  • 4:36 Lol

    Tusi ChowdhuryTusi Chowdhury9 일 전
  • Horror movie after all 😅

    ellaenor sayutiellaenor sayuti9 일 전
  • What's different lala and coco, confuse

    ilana ranilana ran9 일 전
    • Lala has short legs like Lulu.

      Bud MartinBud Martin9 일 전
    • @ilana ran no problem

      Thomas MeijerThomas Meijer9 일 전
    • @Thomas Meijer wwooooowww very detail 😊, thank you

      ilana ranilana ran9 일 전
    • So CoCo is bigger and older then LaLa. LaLa is a girl while CoCo is a boy. LaLa has dark blue eyes while CoCo has sky blue eyes. LaLa's fur is cleaner then CoCo's fur. LaLa has a bit of black on her nose while CoCo's nose is entirely pink and LaLa is a troublemaker while CoCo isn't

      Thomas MeijerThomas Meijer9 일 전

    Andrei Alexandru OlteanuAndrei Alexandru Olteanu9 일 전
    • It is ToTo

      Thomas MeijerThomas Meijer9 일 전
  • Momo: I am a heart

    My Miss SuhanaMy Miss Suhana9 일 전
  • Dd is the dum one Lala is the innocent one Lulu is the leader and the star of the show

    Brandon LincolnBrandon Lincoln10 일 전
  • Cutest dialog of all: LALA: mya....

    Navaneet DasNavaneet Das10 일 전
  • Pleeeeeaaase stop with giving the cats voices! It ruins the video for me.

    Sandy LoganSandy Logan10 일 전
  • Claire, PLEASE continue to do the voice overs for the cats. You did SO well! I laughed so hard at the characters you gave to all the cats! Your English was excellent, too!

    Max HeadroomMax Headroom10 일 전
  • Can you make one day a video, where all cats are charecters from Star Trek? Lulu could be Kirk, Coco McCoy, DD Scotty and so on.

    wookie2222wookie222210 일 전
  • "What should we do Boss?" Super Cute Claire! Good job squad! Regardless of your shapes!

    Melissa SheehyMelissa Sheehy10 일 전
  • That "Oh, DD!" At 1:31 always makes me smile

    BlasterBlaster10 일 전
  • The cat fighting with the device is probably ToTo,I guess.

    Mystic VioletMystic Violet10 일 전
  • Dodos Friend was attacking the monster :>

    Carol Plays robloxCarol Plays roblox10 일 전
  • I wasn't expecting voices in English!!! It's so cute! 😄

    Ashley QuinnanAshley Quinnan10 일 전
  • Lulu luv yuuu♥️

    Dewi SukmaDewi Sukma10 일 전
  • This video is like cream dela cream ❤

    Shankershan srivastavaShankershan srivastava10 일 전
  • *_“A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.”_*

    Marcon Cat FamilyMarcon Cat Family11 일 전
  • my cat died today 😭😭😭😫😭😭😭😫😫😫

    md kamrul sikdermd kamrul sikder11 일 전
  • Lulu: just snack.. snack.. snack and snack... wkkkk

    titiktitik11 일 전
  • ToTo is so scary

    Enick SenoEnick Seno11 일 전
  • DoDo and ToTo are big cute cat. DD is so fanny and LuLu too. ToTo is so brave and LuLu too

    Enick SenoEnick Seno11 일 전
  • Pui pui

    Keenandra KeenandraKeenandra Keenandra11 일 전
  • DD: DD going *Sees the monster* DD: Going home that is

    Tony the motherfucking TigerTony the motherfucking Tiger11 일 전
  • Sounds like Elmo….

    Christopher KropogChristopher Kropog11 일 전
  • This Grammy award dodo has an amazing voice😂

    Let it Snow 雪Let it Snow 雪11 일 전
  • Sounds like a dubbed anime.

    Amindy MullenAmindy Mullen11 일 전
  • Your videos are fun to watch. I always look forward to seeing the newest episode.

    Cynthia Hemmer JanacCynthia Hemmer Janac11 일 전
  • I love how toto calls lulu boss and lulu takes his snacks very very seriously... like me and how did says his name before he is doing something! ☺😆

    Keerthika BandaruKeerthika Bandaru11 일 전
  • The voices match them to a T lol Claireis genius 😂

    Shirley C DutesShirley C Dutes11 일 전
  • Да вы русские оказывается

    PagesikPagesik11 일 전
  • The sounds of the cats are soo realistic. Love them ❤️❤️❤️😻😻😻

    Kumara DasKumara Das11 일 전
  • Claire will make a Kittisaurus univers

    Xaviour ShilvinXaviour Shilvin11 일 전
  • 2:28 Is no one going to notice the fact that this quote was used in a community post?

    FrozenFire the HybridFrozenFire the Hybrid11 일 전
  • instead of toto must be dodo or a ghost hehee

  • Lulu vs vacum cleaner saga continue😂

    Hoonie BeeHoonie Bee12 일 전
  • It's toto.

    Wynstelle Phoebe EsmaneWynstelle Phoebe Esmane12 일 전
  • He is DoDo because he has dot on his nose 😂😂

    Cak WikCak Wik12 일 전

    C KC K12 일 전
    • Ok boss

      Scottie PippoScottie Pippo10 일 전
  • 4:32 i was shock then I realized it was a dodo ghost hahahaha I don't know it's right or not Or it can be toto fighting the vacuum

    Nava santarNava santar12 일 전
  • Momo, yes you are a ❤️😘

    Luana MessinaLuana Messina12 일 전
  • Go Toto!!!

    Iris AngelIris Angel12 일 전
  • aw the two of them are so sweet together!

    HighStimulationHighStimulation12 일 전
  • "MEOW"

  • It's probably dodo's brother

  • Nana should be included!

    Let it Snow 雪Let it Snow 雪12 일 전
  • Toto strikes back

    Matt BeauchemMatt Beauchem12 일 전
  • Me:wait dodo was the pioneer kitten all along? Claire:always has been

    Ezikiel BernaldezEzikiel Bernaldez12 일 전
  • I just wanted to know what do you use for the voices cause they are adorable can you please reply ☺️

    Sana ShinuSana Shinu12 일 전
  • MoMo is a Heart ❤😍

    AhaAha12 일 전
  • What breed is Lulu? So cute.

    KonghearKonghear12 일 전
    • A Scottish Munchkin

      Thomas MeijerThomas Meijer12 일 전
  • ?

    Patricia LongPatricia Long12 일 전
  • 1:11 lulu stands😍

    Rubaet KhanRubaet Khan12 일 전
  • I love lulu's voice SO MUCH!!!

    Enny PuriEnny Puri12 일 전
  • Lulu: *walks casually* Hi I’m Lulu AHHHWAWAHHHHH😄😱 Momo: I’m a heart!! ❤️

    LovelyLynxLovelyLynx12 일 전
  • My sister's name is Lulu, haha

    MeloviMelovi12 일 전
  • That vacuum is awesome, I have the same one for my apartment.

    Ricki Tikki TaviRicki Tikki Tavi12 일 전
  • Love the voice of Dodo!

    JokoHolicJokoHolic13 일 전
  • Omg! I am in ❤️ with this storyline! Claire and Co, you guys have outdone yourselves! EPIC! More please! Clever FX, too! Editing superb! Writing, so en pointe! 🤘🏼

    Cara “bayouboheme”Cara “bayouboheme”13 일 전