Waterproof Barrier! | Kittisaurus Villains

2021. 05. 06.
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What mischief are LuLu and DoDo up to now?

Small, strong, and unbelievably cute, LuLu the Cat lives with 9 other cats and his human Claire. With the help of his trusty sidekick DoDo and the gentle giant DD, LuLu is a natural villain who dreams of stealing every snack in the house. It may not be easy stealing snacks from under Claire’s nose, but LuLu is as smart as he’s powerful! There’s no way that anything can go wrong for this lovable scoundrel… right?

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    JupiterJupiter일 전
  • Why does Claire picking up Lala in the bowl make me so happy?

    BennuBennu2 일 전
  • Thuy is my moms name

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  • Sorry lol

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  • This

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  • Thuy’s is cute ☺️

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  • §

    rhaizen zafra Gamerrhaizen zafra Gamer4 일 전
  • Lololove

    Yigit AkbaşYigit Akbaş5 일 전
  • Обожаю твой котент, класс! Все коты харизматичные и характеры интересно прописаны, просто супер

    Nikiktor 008Nikiktor 0087 일 전
  • LULU: small brian

    YmanuelleShane HernandezYmanuelleShane Hernandez7 일 전
  • [ ------] Nice the kittisaurus villans lulu and toto or dodo best team ever

  • The cats are very cute The r ye so cute a lllllloooooooootttt

  • ชอบน้องแมวจังเลย

    พนิตรา ทิพย์จันทร์พนิตรา ทิพย์จันทร์8 일 전
  • Lulu boss. It's really funny

    Любомир ЛящукЛюбомир Лящук9 일 전
  • Why doesnt this ivideo have 5 million views already

    Vidya SekharVidya Sekhar9 일 전
  • 3:51LaLa in her mind be like ... MYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    Andrei Alexandru OlteanuAndrei Alexandru Olteanu9 일 전
  • DD. Hungry.

    Aditya SinghAditya Singh10 일 전
  • “Cats know how to obtain food without labor, shelter without confinement, and love without penalties.”

    Marcon Cat FamilyMarcon Cat Family11 일 전
  • 1:46 Awww DD is my dream cat, he is so sweet and fun fact: dd is 2% cat and 98% fur!

    Keerthika BandaruKeerthika Bandaru11 일 전
  • actually it can wait - coco was brilliant

    Kush KarmaKush Karma14 일 전
  • sooo cuteee luluuuu

    chyko damanikchyko damanik14 일 전
  • Nature call was funny

    54.vishal Vasave54.vishal Vasave14 일 전
  • Mom Clarie bad Luck on Lulu 😠😠

    Kartini TiniKartini Tini15 일 전
  • Hi

    ZUI & BUIZUI & BUI16 일 전
  • wow so cute

    Ivy TanIvy Tan17 일 전
  • Very interesting story and adorable beautiful actors ❣️🥳🍀🌸🍄🌻✨

    Atreyi AshokaAtreyi Ashoka17 일 전
  • Thanks Clair for learning English

    Pepper SchmeckpeperPepper Schmeckpeper18 일 전
  • Lulu the Boss 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    Christina BormannChristina Bormann18 일 전

    ツLavenderwolfieツLavenderwolfie18 일 전
  • 집사님 화이팅

    1초전1초전18 일 전
  • Lulu is the only one Strong enough to Resist the Catnip!!

    AstroPC 96AstroPC 9618 일 전
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    Ana RodriguesAna Rodrigues19 일 전
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    Ana RodriguesAna Rodrigues19 일 전
  • Thanks Claire for sharing this. It's like a TV series! I really enjoyed the story. Hope you can make also story with Nana!

    JokoHolicJokoHolic19 일 전
  • lulu is cute

    cokobeli comcokobeli com19 일 전
  • U deserve every subscriber

    Awesomest BethAwesomest Beth20 일 전
  • Jeez this was better with no haggard witch voice.

    Derek MayDerek May20 일 전
  • Lulu is a girl not a boy ?

    Tuan Nguyen ChiTuan Nguyen Chi20 일 전

    Bratin Biswas Class VII-BBratin Biswas Class VII-B21 일 전
  • They are so cute

    gaza sandersgaza sanders22 일 전
  • 3:56 Coco: **enters room** 4:07 Coco:Nevermind

    {HerbGacha}{HerbGacha}22 일 전
  • this is so funny 🤣

    空も笑空も笑22 일 전

    Alex YulAlex Yul23 일 전
  • DD hungry too❤️

    Priyanka GangulyPriyanka Ganguly23 일 전
  • Why did u use team edge intro lol🤣🤣🤣

    Faris HassonFaris Hasson24 일 전
  • Dodo sounds like wut he looks like.

    Isabel PangIsabel Pang25 일 전
  • 5:34

    Jahgygkp ggjhfJahgygkp ggjhf25 일 전
  • 5.34

    Jahgygkp ggjhfJahgygkp ggjhf25 일 전
  • Dodo- " Move old man! This is mine now!!"

    bubblyblushbubblyblush25 일 전
  • Is Lulu a boy or a girl? Lol, I love her cats so adorable 😊

    Olive OilOlive Oil25 일 전
    • @Scottie Pippo thank you 😊

      Olive OilOlive Oil23 일 전
    • LuLu's a boy

      Scottie PippoScottie Pippo23 일 전
  • its so funny. awesome short play.

    Rita NGCRita NGC26 일 전
  • Dude don’t do those stupid ass dubbing

    黃鈺元黃鈺元27 일 전
    • Gtfoh

      Scottie PippoScottie Pippo23 일 전
  • My cat Shadow is kinda like Lulu in that regard: if there’s something he really wants, he doesn’t care about getting wet at all.

    ABigHairyMonsterABigHairyMonster28 일 전
  • Hats off to your cats' timing and your editing 🤣🤣🤣🤣❤❤

    Just for funJust for fun28 일 전
  • voice over is funny

    BlueRiceBlueRice28 일 전
  • Excuse me, we need to talk about the noise now. NVM

    ramonrodriguezistramonrodriguezist28 일 전
  • Lulu and Dodo, the perfect duo.

    luvelysunluvelysun28 일 전
  • 4:19 Dodo:? *OH-* me: **wheeze**

    jmekto2003jmekto200328 일 전
  • The Kitty Adventures! (Roblox Adventures)

    SuperBoy Gaming (roblox)SuperBoy Gaming (roblox)28 일 전
  • What

    Kiara D.Kiara D.29 일 전
  • This is more like adult cartoons so😂 fun to watch

    saeed abousaeed abou29 일 전
  • LuLu reminds me so much of one of our cats 😹 She'll do _anything_ for food, and is always interfering with our other kitty's medicine time. Snacks rule the kitties world.

    MannyBot -DEAF-MannyBot -DEAF-29 일 전
  • “Gore-tex likes this video”

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  • DD 😂 happy

    Arie ElderArie Elder개월 전
  • Dodo is funny😂😂😂

    GunawallGunawall개월 전
  • Claire's voice acting and her effort to learn and speak english so we can enjoy this better. Thank you claire 😭🙏🏻

    Rossanne PalmesRossanne Palmes개월 전
  • Adorable!😻

    Christine TakahashiChristine Takahashi개월 전
  • Kittisaurus is possibly the best thing ever on youtube. I love all of their personalities, and charming accents. 👍👍❤❤

    RC_ DuneBuggyRC_ DuneBuggy개월 전
  • 1:27 concentration level 100

    ayaanalijooayaanalijoo개월 전
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    Aline AndradeAline Andrade개월 전
  • Loulou é a gata mais expressiva que conheço!

    Aline AndradeAline Andrade개월 전
    • LuLu is a male not a female

      Scottie PippoScottie Pippo23 일 전
  • I laughed even more when dodo said move old man 😂😂😂

    Muhammed ZakariyaMuhammed Zakariya개월 전
  • I love Lulu

    Christian MorenoChristian Moreno개월 전
  • I can't believe my LuLu is so insidious like this

    Anh Thư Hồ VũAnh Thư Hồ Vũ개월 전
  • I want to go to japan and korea tho and china but my mom like watching Korea

    xjyjkxjyjk개월 전
  • LaLa’s MYA’s are so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 🥰

    kitty cat Isla Hakikikitty cat Isla Hakiki개월 전

    Sri WahyuniSri Wahyuni개월 전
  • I don't like English we want no speaking we just want to see the kitten

    LPOgamer DecadeLPOgamer Decade개월 전
    • You want not we want

      Scottie PippoScottie Pippo27 일 전
  • Lulu is the most food motivated kitty I've ever seen

    Kylie AshKylie Ash개월 전
  • LuLu is the MafiaBoss

    SomeSensi PESomeSensi PE개월 전
  • Wow Lulu have so many super powers and Lala,s voice is so cute its just like this mya,,

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  • i wish food would fall from the sky - Lulu, 2021

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  • Script writing is genius 😆👍🏼💞lol

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    김진현김진현개월 전
  • Claire, you are adorable with the English. Please never stop with being the most incredible cat mom and person.

    OathKeeperOathKeeper개월 전
  • amazing! LuLu

    gjurczycgjurczyc개월 전
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    เตชินท์ สุศิริเตชินท์ สุศิริ개월 전
  • Why can't asians pronounce L?

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  • very sweet - like a bedtime story...

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  • Это же Харит

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